Aluventure 11000 CC

AluVenture 11000 XE / CCFC is our first model from the new 11000 series. Our goal was to develop a seaworthy and comfortable vessel for commercial use that is within the limits for transport on a trailer. The result is this very exciting 11 metre long and 2.9 metre wide hull. Without steps or rails, the hull is very stable and comfortable to sail even in rough seas. As the first model in this hull series, we opted for a walk-in solution with the wheelhouse on four rubber blocks to reduce vibration and noise, with a small cabin in the bow with a bed for two, toilet, sink and induction plates, as this boat is intended as a working boat. We have also fitted a flybridge which makes it easier to navigate in busy areas such as harbours, fish farms, etc. With the extremely comfortable hull and a very quiet (<70dB) working environment in the dedicated wheelhouse, this boat is a perfect match for those who spend many hours on the water, regardless of weather conditions.

Zahlen und Fakten

Max. Geschwindigkeit 55 Knoten
Max. Besatzung 12
Länge 11 m
Breite 2,9 meter
Wasserlinienlänge 9,76 meter
Wasserlinienbreite 2,44 meter
Tiefe ohne Motor 0,66 meter
Leergewicht 3.950 kg
max. Gewicht 6.500 kg
Tank 1.500 Liter
Empf. Maschine 400 bis 900 PS


Aluventure 11000 XE

The AluVenture 11000 CC (Centre Console) is a concept where our designers have mixed new ideas with old concepts. It is based on our very seaworthy 11000 hull, with a simple wheelhouse welded to the hull and extremely spacious on deck. Your imagination is about the only thing that limits the possible uses of this ship. It is also possible to supply the model with certain elements from our other 11000 models. Contact us so that we can start building a boat that meets your wishes and requirements.

Aluventure 11000 Patrol

AluVenture 11000 PATROL is our next model in the 11000 series. The hull is identical to our other 11000 series boat models, but almost everything else is different. Here you will find beds for 4 people, toilet and kitchen. The boat is designed for the adventurer in us who is looking for a very seaworthy boat (long and narrow hull) with accommodation and comfort for longer journeys, combined with the robustness and safety that aluminium boats offer. The design can be adapted to your requirements and wishes. Contact us so we can start designing your dream boat. The boat can be delivered as CE category C or B.


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