Production Process

The building of the Velvette Marine shipyard designed and built specifically to produce fiberglass motor yachts and boats.
The proper temperature and humidity levels are maintained in the workshops, which is very important for producing hulls made of fiberglass. The workshops are divided into sections, and each team has a workshop bay. Each bay has a required set of equipment and tools to
manufacture high-quality products, on time, and accurately. Now the Shipyard is set up to operate on the assembly line principle, so a future Velvette motorboat begins its journey from the spray-booth and, after passing through the five stages of construction, is transformed into the finished product. The Shipyard is set up to operate with three lines – this allows simultaneously building three different models in each of the
five stages, constructing them qualitatively and in the shortest possible time. Work on the assembly line principle allows performing quality control at every step and producing a great product, at the lowest possible price, for its future owner.