Find your boat

Don’t dream it, do it.

Find your boat

Don’t dream it, do it.

Our boat variety

Our VELVETTE boats score with an unbeatable price-performance ratio compared to their competitors. The combination of elegance, sportiness and performance with a high quality standard complete the picture of a perfect yacht.

Our boats from ALUVENTURE are made from the maritime aluminium alloy H321. This makes them the strongest, safest and most robust boats on the market. Together with a unique design, this brand convinces from sailor to captain.

Our mission at MAR.CO is to deliver, day after day, on the promise we have made to our customers since 1974: to always deliver the best quality and innovation, and to stay true to our core values that define MAR.CO. Individual design for each and every customer.

Q YACHTS’ vision is to set the standard in electric boating to a whole new level. For the consumer, this means ease of use, minimal maintenance, safety and a unique boating experience.

Around the boat

From trailers to custom specifications- everything for the boat owner.

We take care of all your wishes!

Our recent super deal

Our Velvette 24 Euphoria, built in mid 2021 and still completely unused is now available for sale!

For only 27.900€ our V24 is ready for pick up close to Munich*.

If you are interested, please contact us right away

*incl. VAT, without engine


Michael Gaebler

Felix Gaebler

Boat in the blood

Dreams don’t have to remain dreams – we have realised ours. The unique martime feeling gripped us very early on. Even as children, we both had the desire to own a boat – suited to our size, of course. Later, this became a passion that extended from sailing yachts to motor boats. Today, sharing this enthusiasm with other people is our common endeavour.

So we – father and son – decided to found a company out of this desire, which offers various and special boats for sale to interested boat enthusiasts all over Europe. We work intensively with local boat dealers in many countries. Why not get in touch with them or us directly and realise your dream of owning a boat!

We let your dreams become reality!